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Preschool and Kindergarten Level Classes
Is your preschooler ready to write?  Did you know that skills such as correct grip and letter formation need to be taught in order to avoid bad habits that may lead to future academic difficulties?  Many well-meaning preschools merely teach students to trace or copy letters, which is not beneficial to children. Additionally, many kindergarten teachers expect children to know how to write but do not have enough time in their busy schedules to devote to handwriting instruction, especially in a half-day setting. The Handwriting Coach, LLC offers classes for young writers ages 3.5 to 5 years old using the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  Students meet for fun, action-packed sessions once a week.  Instruction includes multi-sensory, age-appropriate lessons that include plenty of music, movement and tactile exploration.  Your child will enjoy fine motor play using a variety of hands-on manipulatives, develop body awareness, develop drawing and coloring skills, learn proper grip, identify and recognize shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, gain understanding of phonics using Zoophonics, and much more!  Students also receive materials to use at home, while parents receive on-going education about ways in which they can reinforce what is being learned in class. There is no better way to prepare your child for kindergarten than to attend these classes!
"This evening I attended my kindergarten daughter’s Back to School night.  Her teacher told me that "Sydney has the most immaculate and beautiful handwriting of anyone in her entire class!" She thinks "Sydney does a phenomenal job at writing and Sydney is very meticulous when she writes," And all I could say is that she had the best Handwriting instructor out there and I gave you all the credit!! Again thank you for all your hard sank into Sydney and she loves to write, all the time. I may have to bring you a piece of her most recent is AMAZING, if I do say so myself...her "m" is PERFECT, saw it with my own eyes tonight at school!"
Sierra, mom to Sydney (5)
"We have LOVED the Handwriting Without Tears class!  My oldest child used a fist grip to hold her pencil until 1 grade.  Her preschool/kinder teachers all said she would “ out grow it,” but she didn’t, and it was a very difficult transition to an alligator grip. Now in 3 grade, she still struggles to hold her pencil correctly which makes her less fluent with her writing.   I WISH I had known about this class for her!   My youngest daughter started this class when she was 3 years old after several friends recommended it.  She was a little delayed with her fine motor development, so I thought it would be helpful for her and gave it a try.  I had no idea she would LOVE it so much!  Mrs. Jen is so incredibly sweet, kind, and loving with the kids, and makes learning FUN!  Sophie gets so excited when I tell her it is “handwriting day!”  Over the course of the year, she has improved so much!  She proudly writes her name, can make most of her letters, many numbers, and even uses the correct process for each.  I just love that Sophie has a place to go once a week where she can have fun and focus on such important activities!  Thank you Mrs. Jen!! "
Amanda, mom to Tyler (6), and Sophie (4)
"Handwriting Without Tears is an amazing program.  My child took classes with Ms. Jennifer for two sessions.  During those sessions, I watched him blossom.  Ryan took great pride in being able to write well!  Ms. Jennifer gives individualized attention to each child in the small group classes, and they respond very positively to her.  Recently, in my son's religious education class, his teacher said, "I have to tell you, I have never seen such excellent handwriting in a kindergartener!"  What a great testimony to Jennifer's skill and HWT!" 
Cathy, mom to Ryan (5)
"My son is much more confident with both writing and sounding out sight words.   When we work on this outside of class, he rarely says “I can’t” anymore.  As time went on, he was able to complete his homework more quickly and have improved focus.  I love the program Handwriting Without Tears.  I wish we had started our son in classes when he was just starting to write letters.  We will do this for the younger two kids in our family.  I have been very satisfied and am excited for them to start in the future!"
Kelly, mom to Sam (4)
"We wish we had started our daughter in this program before kindergarten.  We were amazed by the growth we saw in Isabella, not only with handwriting, but with learning sight words and sentence structure.  This class was a great complement to her half-day kindergarten experience.  Thank you for your work with Isabella!"
Denise, mom to Isabella (6)
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Handwriting Tutoring
for School-Age Children
Does your school-age child struggle with legibility or have difficulty with writing?  Do others have difficulty deciphering your child’s written work?  Is your child’s handwriting making it difficult to achieve academic success? The Handwriting Coach, LLC can help!  I offer one-on-one tutoring with children ages 5 and older, along with an in-depth assessment and report detailing your child’s handwriting strengths and weaknesses.  Students meet once weekly for 40 - minute sessions while also completing an at-home practice program throughout the week.  The lessons are based on the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and are catered to your child’s specific needs.
How do I know if my child needs handwriting help?
If your child "hates" to write, complains about his or her hand hurting when writing, cannot read his/her own writing, others have difficulty reading his/her writing, struggles with left-handedness, has sloppy handwriting, a weak or incorrect grasp, or letter formation, spacing, or alignment difficulties, he or she may benefit from my program.  Also, if your child’s teacher has referred your child for help or if you as a parent feel your child’s writing skills should be stronger, it is always best to trust both your instincts and the recommendation of your child’s teacher.  Handwriting also affects a child’s self-esteem as well as all academic areas, so if you suspect there are problems, early intervention is key.  Because many standardized tests that include writing are given from 3rd grade on, it is best to get help in kindergarten or 1st grade, although students also benefit if they are older.
"When my son, Matthew, started working with Jennifer, his handwriting was illegible and he hated anything that had to do with writing.  He started working with Jennifer in January and the results were immediate.  His teacher noticed his improvement and his writing assignments went from pictures and one line stories to paragraphs based on thought and imagination.  Jennifer’s patience and understanding helped Matthew to become more confident in his writing and a better student all around.  I would highly recommend Jennifer as a teacher and mentor - she is wonderful!!!"
Megan, mom to Matthew (7)
"I never really thought my 8 year old son had the worst hand writing, but when it came to writing anything he really struggled!  He would make every excuse not to write - and would usually end up in tears when asked to write anything.  I heard of Handwriting Without Tears from a friend who highly recommended her classes, as her son was taking classes with Jennfier (I believe her words included "Saint Jennifer").  I thought it would be worth my son being evaluated to see if anything could help develop his handwriting skills and build his confidence.  After his thorough evaluation from Jennifer, she felt he only had a few areas that he needed to focus on.  He loved his lessons with Jennifer and he now loves to write.  He even has said that he loves writing - and now we have no tears when asked to write anything.  He takes pride in his homework, and through Jennifer, has reinforced the correct writing skills - which he had been missing at school.  I would highly recommend Handwriting Without Tears and Jennifer Raskay to any parent who has questioned their child's handwriting.  What a difference it has made in my son!"
 Mary, mom to John (8)
"As a parent I am always looking for a way to enrich my child's learning. This is definitely a great way for daughter to have that opportunity. Not only does she learn how to write but it gives her a chance to start recognizing and understanding her letters both big and small, along with numbers. Handwriting has been so beneficial for my daughter. Lexie looks forward to class every week, and loves Ms Jennifer! I'm glad we were introduced to this program! " 
Jessica, mom to Lexie (4)
(For more parent reviews, head to the "Testimonials" tab)
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