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"Both my children love the Handwriting Coach. In a short amount of time I have seen amazing improvements in both of their writing. Mrs. Raskay has a special gift teaching children. She has instilled confidence in my First graders ability to write when he had none and she has taught my preschooler to enjoy learning letters and drawing. She has become very popular at our house. The kids ask everyday if they can go back to Mrs. Raskay’s writing class. Thanks Jen!"
Heather, mom to Thomas (4) and Jackson (7)
"I would highly recommend The Handwriting Coach for anyone who wants their child to improve his or her writing.  My son has made great progress after only a few months of instruction.  Before he started working with Miss Jennifer, writing was such a struggle for him that we both would get frustrated and give up.  I didn't even know where to start or how to help him.  Now, he is eager to practice his letters because he is learning them in a way that makes it simple for him to practice and for me to help him.  His confidence and attitude toward writing are soaring and he loves going to his writing classes!  Thank you, Miss Jennifer for all your hard work!  We couldn't be happier. "
Lena, mom to Alexander (4)

"My daughter was diagnosed with Dysgraphia earlier this year.  We were told that one of the key things we could do for her is have someone help her with handwriting.  I never knew how important hand writing was in the development of the brain.  After working with Jennifer, my daughter’s handwriting is not only improved, but her confidence and overall writing ability has improved significantly as well.  She used to struggle to write assignments in class.  She is much better at it now and it is a much more positive experience than before.  Jennifer was so patient and made the sessions fun, instead of like work. My daughter was really sad when Jennifer graduated her out, as she enjoyed the time with Jennifer.  I would recommend handwriting tutoring to anyone with a struggling child and Jennifer’s approach and results make her a great choice." 
Misty, mom to Drianna (8) 

I loved that Emi always looked forward to going to class.  I feel that it is due to the calm, safe environment Jennifer helped create.
Aileen, mom to Emi (age 6)

My daughter struggled with handwriting from the beginning, and I could see it starting to affect her school work. Her attitude with respect to writing was to only do the minimum required at school. Since working with Jennifer, her handwriting has improved a great deal and has become a source of pride for my daughter. Her teacher noticed the improvement, too. The best part of the experience has been that my daughter enjoys attending her sessions with Jennifer each week.
Cari, mom to Cassidy (age 7)

Something doesn't have to be "wrong" in order for us to seek extra help for our children. My kiddos were perfectly happy with their printing and fledgling attempts at cursive, but I wanted them to be confident in their cursive writing, to write more easily on written assignments at school, and to get a foundation for what will hopefully develop into beautiful penmanship later on. Mrs. Raskay worked with me and my children to develop a program that met each of their needs even though they were starting at different levels. Now that my children have completed the program, the most reluctant one is writing cursive spontaneously and they both have pride in showing off their newfound cursive skills to their classmates. Their time with Mrs. Raskay was well worth the investment.

Ellen, mom to Esther (age 10) and Ruthie (age 8)

Thank you so much for working with Matthew.  His handwriting has completely transformed!  We so appreciate your kindness, patience, and masterful expertise.  Our son is already a much better student thanks to your guidance and care.  The only thing Matthew would have changed is to have had longer sessions with you each week.  It was fun watching him have a great experience and be able to celebrate his fantastic results along the way.   Thank you! 

Rhonda, mom to Matthew (age 9)

Alaina loves coming to your class!  She has learned more in the 45 minutes she spends with you each week than she has in an ENTIRE year of preschool.  I wish you had a full-time preschool class. 
Lisa, mom to Alaina (age 4)

Over the past 3 years, Jennifer worked with two of my children. I have seen her work magic! I get told all the time what great handwriting both of my children have, and I always give the credit back to Jennifer. Thank you for building such an amazing foundation for both of my children! We are SO Thankful!

Kindra, mom to Cole (age 6) and Ella (age 4)
Alyssa has improved so much in her writing skills. It is amazing. She loves coming to class and I think this class has given her so much. We are enjoying working on our letters more at home, too. Thank you! The best thing about this class was seeing my daughter's face every time she came running out of class.  She was so proud of herself and excited to tell me all about what she had learned. The only thing I would have changed about the experience would be to have started sooner!
Beth, mom to Alyssa (age 4)

Student feedback:  Ms. Jennifer, thank you so much for teaching me to write in cursive.  I appreciate you taking your time to teach me.  I loved it!

Claire (age 9)

Our daughter learned so much during handwriting tutoring this year.  At the beginning of the year, she had no concept of capital and lowercase letters, sizing or placement.  Now her writing is legible, and she is proud of it!  It was truly amazing to see her progress in both reading and writing over the course of these session.  The progress she has made has been so helpful, and we are so grateful for all of the time and energy you put into making learning to read and write fun and exciting.  

Lena, mom to Evalyn (age 6)

I have been so impressed with how much Ellie's cursive has improved in such a short time. Jennifer's classes are so organized and well taught. Ellie had so much fun and enjoyed going to her handwriting class each week. The homework was very helpful and also fun (not just writing letters over and over). It was also very thought-provoking and never felt like "work" to her. We feel very fortunate that Ellie was able to learn cursive with Jennifer's instruction since it is unfortunately not thoroughly taught at her school. Ellie now feels so much more confident when writing and really enjoys practicing her new skill. Thank you!

Katie, mom to Ellie (age 9)

This (13-week, 30-minute cursive class) was a great class that my boys enjoyed attending.  They are very excited to be able to read and write in cursive now.
Tisha, mom to Emerson and Finlay (both age 9) 

Ben no longer fights me to write, and he actually writes on his own! I only wish we had started him sooner.

Amanda, mom to Ben, age 5

It (Write Right Class) was a fantastic and unique educational experience that I believe gave Kynlee a great head start to kindergarten. I would highly recommend The Handwriting Coach to any and all parents looking to improve or build upon their child's handwriting skills. Kynlee had such a great time each session that I would even enroll her a second time around!

Lauren, mom to Kynlee (age 5)

We’ve had such a great experience with Mrs. Raskay. She came highly recommended by friends and neighbors. We have learned that neat handwriting is such an important part of teachers being able to understand your student’s abilities as well as their potential. My 6 year old son started the same program at the same time as my 10 year old daughter. It was interesting to watch each child progress differently, and at their own pace. Mrs. Raskay did such a nice job of checking with me regularly to discuss progress, concerns, and successes. She is very accessible and open to ideas and questions. It is a collaborative effort. I’ve also learned that some of the desire to improve handwriting comes from within the child. Mrs. Raskay nurtures this desire and most importantly, gives the students the tools with which they can present their best work. 
Amy, mom to Rory (10), and Chance (6)
The best thing about our short time with Jennifer and her program is that my kids were excited and happy to go to every class. My kids learned the right techniques in handwriting in a fun and friendly environment. I couldn't ask for more, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Diala, mom to Kristen (9) and George (8)
I've seen so many great improvements in my children's skills. Justin's pencil grip has totally changed for the better. I really struggled to get him to hold his pencil correctly, and now he always uses the proper grip. This has made it easier for him to write his name properly. As a parent I realized I didn't know the proper way to start/sequence a letter, so the detailed folder is extremely helpful for me in assisting him. 
Julia is having a blast and loves going to "Miss. Jennifer's Class." I'm happy that she is starting with the correct foundation for writing.
I am very pleased with the results we are seeing from your handwriting class! I love that the kids are having FUN while they learn this important life-long skill.
Jana, mom to Justin (5) and Julia (3)
The best thing about this experience for our son is the confidence he has gained in his writing. Writing is no longer something he dreads.
Kiki, mom to Nate (8)
I saw so much improvement with Ryan's handwriting, and he is much more interested in learning to read. I'm glad he is learning how to form his letters correctly before he starts kindergarten.

Julie, mom to Ryan (5)
Thank you for being so flexible with your scheduling, and squeezing us into a spot. Derek was never once disappointed or sad that he has to go to his sessions with you That is very unusual because homework time can be a struggle. I also liked the strategies you used to teach letter size, spacing, and formation. They were easily memorable for my son, and I would often see him signing to himself to remember correct letter sizes. It takes a special teacher to make learning fun. We hope to continue in the fall!
Jennifer, mom to Derek (8)
I always get comments from Dylan's teachers about how nice his handwriting is, all thanks to you! I feel that preschools are not able to devote time to teaching the proper formation of letters, and I know that without your lessons, he would never have progressed to where he is now. Thank you so much!

Tracy, mom to Dylan (5)
Thomas was always excited to attend your class. He progressed well with learning his letters. His older sister, Langley, who worked with you a few years ago, continues to get compliments on her handwriting. She can't wait to work with you on cursive soon!
Jolene, mom to Thomas (5)
Write Right is an exceptional investment in your child's education. My oldest two children have both benefitted so much from learning from Jennifer and knowing how to properly form their letters at the START of kindergarten. Their overall writing skills grew tremendously because they spent their time actually writing rather than learning how to form letters. As an added bonus, Write Right also accelerated their reading skills in ways I never expected. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone with children.

Amanda, mom to Ben (6)
Adelynn has come so far with her handwriting and reading! I was worried about her level when she first started, but I am so much more confident about her potential now. She learns more from Jennifer in their one-on-one weekly lessons than she learns in an entire week of pre-K. Jennifer makes it so that things are easy to practice at home. The homework is very well-structured, which has been helpful for me in working with my daughter. This has been the best decision we have made for Adelynn academically.

Andrea, mom to Adelynn (5)
Handwriting Without Tears has been the perfect solution for my 8 year old.  My son did not learn how to properly form his letters and was getting marked down in school for messy handwriting.  Jennifer's approach with him has been consistently positive and encouraging.  My son is now showing me his writing with pride and a huge smile!"

Sherry, mom to Ryan (8)
"Handwriting Without Tears is by far the best program we have ever participated in and Jennifer is fantastic.  Our 7 year old son, Martin, has been attending Jennifer’s HWT class and we noticed improvements right away.   We highly recommend, not just the program but, Jennifer as a teacher.  She is extremely patient, kind hearted, and skilled in the HWT techniques.  Her ability to work with every level of handwriting issues is invaluable.  We are so thankful to have found such an amazing teacher for such a great program."
Pat, mom to Martin (7)
"Jennifer is completely in-tune with her students and their on-going needs.  She is looking out for each individual child and I have complete confidence that Aaron is going to improve his writing skills tremendously.  Thanks again, Jennifer, for being great!"
Angela, mom to Aaron (4)
 "Handwriting Without Tears has tremendously helped my 5 year old son's fine motor skills. Before the class, my son would refuse to color or write. In one month of Handwriting Without Tears and Jennifer's patience and positive reinforcement, he is now excited about writing. This Sunday, while waiting for his breakfast, he voluntarily colored the Menu Coloring Page and asked for another!!"
Kelly, mom to John (5)
"Where do I begin?  The Handwriting Coach, Jennifer Raskay, has completely changed how my children write.  My first grader loved to write but the problem was that nobody could read it!  Now he is proud of his work.  I noticed a difference in only 2 lessons.  He writes with confidence and skill.  His teacher has also affirmed his quick progress.   My other child who is four has also improved forming letters in a short time.  Her preschool teacher has also taken notice to the speed of her improvement.  If there is any parent out there with concerns with their child's writing don't hesitate to call Jennifer Raskay, the Handwriting Coach.  You won't be disappointed."
Anne, mom to Delaney (4) and Dane (7)
"Handwriting Without Tears has been so wonderful for our son.  He has struggled with writing his name, letters and numbers so much that he refused to write at all.  Ms. Jennifer has been absolutely  phenomenal with him.  In just a few short weeks he has gone from refusing to write to wanting to sit down at home and show us all the letters he can write along with his name.  It's so wonderful to see him actually want to practice and learn more.   We really appreciate all the wonderful information that Ms. Jennifer has given us to also help him build his writing skills by practicing at home.  I didn't know how to help him before but now I have so many tools that I can use to make it fun at home, too.  Just to see my son's face light up when he writes his name without struggling and watching him write all the letters of the alphabet without being frustrated is so fantastic.  We are so grateful to Ms. Jennifer for all the hard work she puts into teaching these critical skills to our son."
Julie, mom to Joshua (4)
"Our daughter worked with Mrs. Raskay for one school semester and had a wonderful experience.  Once a week, Elizabeth received one-on-one attention and feedback regarding her handwriting skills.  During this time she was also given additional instruction, as was relevant, in her independent writing skills and practice with reading and sight words that were being taught at her grade level.  When Elizabeth was ready, sight words at the next grade level were also introduced.  Elizabeth's kindergarten teacher commented not only about Elizabeth's improved handwriting skills, but also about the fact that her improved handwriting skills had facilitated her ability to write creatively in class.  We are so impressed with Mrs. Raskay's teaching ability and the Handwriting Without Tears program that we plan to enroll our younger son in Mrs. Raskay's program as well.  We recommend Mrs. Raskay's tutoring program enthusiastically!"

Shannon, mom to Elizabeth (6) 
“When I was a kid, schools seemed to spend so much more time on developing correct handwriting technique, so it’s been very frustrating for me to watch my son Xander (age 7) develop such sloppy writing. I tried time and again to correct his incorrect letter formation without success before we finally found The Handwriting Coach. In just a few weeks, Ms. Jennifer was able to break Xander of his bad habits and get him on the right track with spacing and sizing, plus he had fun doing it! Every kid should have the benefit of working with a personal handwriting coach, and Ms. Jennifer is the best! We will definitely start our younger daughter with this program BEFORE any bad habits develop.”
Elaine, mom to Xander (7)
"I signed my daughter up for handwriting with the Handwritng Coach when she was almost 4, not writing yet, and scared to leave the house without me. In just a short couple of months, I noticed great changes in Julia. She has a new love for letters and learning to hold a pencil properly has allowed for great benefits in her writing, coloring, and drawing. Jennifer's interactive handwriting class has kept Julia extremely engaged and excited to learn. I am continually impressed by how in tune Jennifer is with her students and how in touch she is with the parents. Julia has not only built skills and confidence in her writing, but has also fostered independence. Handwriting class is the one place that Julia is always happy to go."
Jenna, mom to Julia (4)
I" noticed a drastic improvement in my daughter Gabrielle’s handwriting after working with Jennifer for only a brief period of time. Not only is her writing more legible, but she is also able to write much more quickly. Gabrielle looked forward to working with Jennifer each week and gained confidence from her improvement and accomplishments with Jennifer.  I highly recommend The Handwriting Coach and the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum!"
Kate, mom to Gabrielle (6)
"Everything is going great with my children’s handwriting upon completing tutoring with Jennifer Raskay. I have noticed such an improvement with both and can't even recognize my son’s  writing anymore. Now we just need to keep practicing!!  Thank you so much for everything."
Stacey, mom to Garrett (7) and Megan (6)
"Ihave a daughter with both cognitive and motor delays, making writing an incredible challenge for her.  She has participated in many different school and therapy programs and I am happy to say that we found Handwriting Without Tears (with Jennifer in particular) to be one the most effective things she has done.  Not only did she enjoy it, but the simple songs and tasks that built upon each other made it easier for her to retain the information.  Once I pointed out a "V" and she thought I said "B".  She looked at me, exasperated, and said "Mom, does that look like 'big line, little curve, little curve to you?!?!"  I was willing to overlook her sassy response because I was so glad she had retained the information!  Our goal for our daughter was to have her writing her name by kindergarten, and although it is not always recognizable to anyone but us, we have seen tremendous improvement in both her overall skills and her consistency over the past few months.  For us, the problem was to get our daughter to write at all (correct formation of the letters was the least of our worries!), but I have come to realize the importance of learning good habits from the start, and being able to write letters quickly, legibly and most importantly, with efficiency so children do not waste time and energy!  I would highly recommend both the program and Jennifer as a teacher."
Mindy, mom to Christy (5)
"Icannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer and the Handwriting without Tears program.  When my 8 year old started, he had improper form, spacing issues, writing too big, too name it!! I knew he needed help, but did not know where to begin.  After 12 private sessions, not only did his handwriting improve drastically, but more importantly, so did his self confidence.  The pride on his face when he showed us his before/after writing was priceless.  My 5 year old also took her group session and always came bounding out of class with a huge smile.  He practices eagerly and loves to recognize the "diving and magic letters".  It’s amazing how children are more willing to do homework when they have the proper skills and confidence.  Now, because of Jennifer, my boys have both."
Lisa, mom to Jackson (8) and Conner (5)
"Handwriting Without Tears, and Jennifer Raskay in particular, have been a very important part of helping our daughter prepare for kindergarten.  She shows confidence in her writing that I didn't see before beginning classes.  Jennifer is so organized and really keeps parents informed in a way that has allowed us to easily practice at home.  Her patience is amazing and by keeping classes fun, our daughter doesn't even realize how much she is learning!  I really love that my daughter is learning to write correctly right  from the start.  I only wish we had started earlier!"
Nikki, mom to Stella (5) 
 "I wanted to thank you for giving my twins the opportunity to participate in your Handwriting Without Tears program.  Before the girls began the program they had been learning to recognize letters and numbers and practiced some letter writing in a preschool environment.  However, their letter and number recognition was somewhat haphazard and their writing followed no real or consistent pattern.  Moreover, having no background in early childhood education myself, I really had no idea as to how I might most effectively help them to improve.  Participating in your class has given us all the direction we needed to improve and the weekly classes have provided the impetus I needed to maintain a regular practice schedule.  Your teaching has a made a huge difference in the letter and number writing and recognition abilities of both my girls, one of which, as you know, is very focused and detail oriented but the other of which tends to be easily distracted.  Thank you again!"
 Cyndi, mom to Maggie and Lucy (5)
"After just one summer session in Handwriting Without Tears with Ms. Jennifer, my 4 year-old son has gained an enthusiasm for learning how to write letters and numbers. He is so proud of his achievements, and he feels like a big boy whenever he turns in his homework. I am thrilled to see improvements in his fine-motor skills and his level of concentration. Ms. Jennifer creates a wonderful learning environment for her students, and I whole-heartedly recommend her as a Handwriting Coach."
Nisha, mom to Navon (4)
"Handwriting Without Tears has been such a blessing for my 4 year old twin girls.  They started the program at age 3 and over the last year have developed such a love for writing their letters.  The class has drastically improved the fine motor development of one of our twins who has always struggled in this area.  Jennifer is patient, kind-hearted and truly cares about the success of her students.  I highly recommend The Handwriting Coach and the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum."
Amanda, mom to Aby and Emy (4)
 "We signed our daughter up for Handwriting Without Tears because she was not getting enough practice at preschool and had zero interest of doing it at home with us.  After only a couple of sessions with Miss Jennifer, we noticed an increased interest in practicing writing her letters and name.  Our daughter is proud to show us what she can do and loves to practice on her tablet.  Miss Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable in the subject and is in tune with each individual child’s needs.  She designs her classes to be fun and interactive and our daughter looks forward to them each week.  We highly recommend Miss Jennifer and the Handwriting Without Tears program."
Mark and Julie, parents to Olivia (4)
"Signing up my four-year old for Handwriting Without Tears with Jennifer is one of the best things I could have done for her.  Cate has greatly improved her handwriting skills, and her knowledge of letters and numbers rapidly improved as she began taking the HWT classes.  Jennifer does an excellent job of working with young kids in a way that makes learning fun, and I feel my daughter will be much better prepared for kindergarten after taking HWT.  Thank you, Jennifer!"

 Ali, mom to Cate (4)
"As a Mother of two, I feel like I am always on the hunt for a fun, yet educational experience for my girls. "The Handwriting Coach" has, hands down, been the absolute very best investment we have made in our children's life of education. Jennifer provides a fun, interesting, progressive, safe and rewarding class that encourages the desire for parents and students to continue! The confidence, excitement and handwriting ability my daughter has acquired while attending "The Handwriting Coach" classes exceeds all expectations- tenfold."
  Amanda, mom to Dakota (4)
"We've been so thrilled with Claire's progress since starting Miss Jennifer's handwriting class last fall!  I can say with confidence that she has learned more from the Handwriting Without Tears program than any other, including school.  Her descriptions of how to write her letters match up with the instructions Miss Jennifer gives to us parents, and each week we can see Claire's progress parallel her handwriting lessons from week to week.  I'm excited that she's starting to read and am looking forward to the next year of learning before she goes to Kindergarten!  Thank you, Miss Jen for all your hard work and attention to detail!"
Jill, mom to Claire (4)
"My son took classes with Jennifer, the Handwriting Coach, this summer.   We had just moved to the area and it was a great class for him to be a part of.   He loved the atmosphere of taking the class with a few other children and was excited to come home and show us what he learned, as well as try and teach his younger brother what he had learned.   Jennifer was so patient with the kids and I know he got a great jump start to Kindergarten by taking the class."
Tracey, mom to Caden (5)
"The Handwriting Coach gave my son the confidence to write clearly and read better.  Within a few months of starting handwriting classes with Jennifer Raskay, my son’s grip was corrected!  He no longer held pencils or crayons with his fist.  He attended a separate preschool, but Jennifer provided personal attention to his handwriting.  He entered Kindergarten already writing letters and numbers in upper case and lower case on the proper lines.  Her summer session also bridged the gap between preschool and kindergarten, helping him to know and read all his required sight words.  Nathan loves Mrs. Raskay and still practices the skills, games and songs at home!"
Anne, mom to Nathan (5)
"What a tremendous experience Handwriting Without Tears was for our 4-year old!  He had a blast being around his friends and participating in all the fun and varied activities Miss Jennifer had scheduled each week.  And we saw significant improvement in his writing skills--from the way he held a pencil to the manner in which he formed his letters.  It prepared him well for his kindergarten year.  Jennifewr does such a wonderful job making each child feel special, and the warm and welcoming environment she creates is the perfect setting for young children to learn and grow.  We wholeheartedly endorse the HWT program!"  
John and Paula, parents to Daniel (5) 
"Our son was entering second grade with some deficiencies in writing as a result of a problem with focus in the classroom environment. Working with The Handwriting Coach not only vastly improved his ability to write, but because he didn’t feel so behind his peers anymore, his overall focus during his time in school improved greatly. I can, without reservation, highly recommend The Handwriting Coach."
Jason, dad to Ben (7)
"As a parent of a 2nd grader, I found that little time had been spent in my daughter's first 3 years of school on handwriting skills; her handwriting caused her (and us!) a lot of frustration.  There tended to be a lot of tension when I tried to teach my daughter and I actually wasn't sure how to. When I learned of Jennifer as a Handwriting Coach I was hopeful that we had found a way to help Kylie with her handwriting in a much less stressful way. It was exactly that!  Jennifer recognized immediately an issue with how Kylie was holding a pencil; a subtle change that we would never have recognized.  Handwriting without Tears and it's methodical approach to handwriting, as well as Jennifer's patient, yet productive teaching style was perfect.  My daughter's handwriting is significantly better and she said how much she missed "Ms. Jennifer" a day after her last session."
Susy, mom to Kylie (8)
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