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Whether you are searching for a great introduction to writing for your younger child or need remediation for your older child, you've come to the right place. The Handwriting Coach, LLC offers tutoring for new writers as well as elementary-aged children who need extra assistance.  

August 2018 Schedule Update:

Tutoring sessions for the 2018/2019 school year are now forming!  Options for after-school hours will be available on Wednesdays beginning at 1:30.  School-day hours are also offered for homeschool students, half-day kindergarten students, and preschool students who have a more flexible schedule.  The best way to reach me to find out scheduling options is to send an email to                                            Let's get ready to write right!


If you are interested in finding out more information or adding your child to the waitlist, please email for details:

"My daughter, Selena, is a homeschool student. Growing up, I was told that I was not good at reading and creative writing. I was concerned that my lack of confidence would transfer to my daughter. I wanted to give her the opportunity to work with a teacher who would provide a positive experience around handwriting and creative writing. Jennifer is a perfect fit! Selena always finishes her lessons with a giant smile on her face. Since she is homeschooled, working with Jennifer gave Selena a much-needed break from working with mom. The work they did together did not seem like "work"; rather, it was fun learning away from home. Selena also mastered cursive as a 7-year-old and has beautiful printing now, too. In addition, I have made an effort to improve my own handwriting thanks to Jennifer's guidance and instruction."
Shannon, mom to Selena (8)

 We had a fantastic experience with Jennifer. She worked with our 7-year-old twins, and with positive encouragement and patience, she shifted their way of practicing handwriting from a chore to something that they really enjoyed. Our boys looked forward to their weekly sessions with Jennifer, and best of all, it eliminated the power struggle we were experiencing when I was trying to teach and reinforce proper handwriting myself. We appreciated Jennifer's ongoing feedback and communication, and we would highly recommend her because of the wonderful learning environment she creates.
Kristin, mom to Noah and Cole (7) 

 "Ms. Jennifer is wonderful! We have been so blessed that both our son and daughter have had her as their teacher. They gained confidence in their handwriting, which I attribute to both of them loving to write. It is so easy for young learners to get their thoughts down when the handwriting piece is present and correct. Not only did writing skills improve, but my daughter's growth in reading was amazing! Ella was aways so excited about the class, her writing, new word lists, and reading. She is SO confident in all academic areas as a direct result of this class. Thank you for all of your hard work. We sure will miss you!"

Kindra, mom to Cole (8) and Ella (6) 

"When our eight year old son Patrick met Jennifer for the first time, his handwriting was not only poor, but it seemed to interfere with him spelling words correctly and you could just tell that he had no fun whatsoever in writing. Already after his first one-on-one session with Jennifer and the 'Handwriting Without Tears' program we could tell a huge difference in his approach to pen and paper. He reminded himself of completing his homework and looked forward to his next handwriting lesson. And after the end of his session we have seen a tremendous improvement not only in his penmanship, but also in his attitude toward writing in general. Jennifer really managed to bring out the best in Patrick. Her very clear instructions to both Patrick (and myself at the end of each session) made it easy for him to practice at home and to grow as a writer. In fact, we loved Jennifer's teaching skills so much that we proceeded to send our five year old incoming kindergartener George to her group lessons so that he could have a great foundation for his school career. Jennifer really ignited a writing flame in him and went beyond teaching him how to form letters. She also introduced and jump started his reading! Both boys have really enjoyed Jennifer's kind, fun and very effective teaching style. We are very grateful for Jennifer's amazing impact on our son's writing skills and strongly recommend her as a fantastic and highly effective teacher."

Eveline, mom to Patrick (8) and George (5)
Cursive class was such a perfect "next step" for my fifth grader who previously completed the print handwriting class with Jennifer. She was ready to challenge herself further, and now she writes notes, her name, and even school work, in cursive. It quickly became a part of her every-day writing.

Amy, mom to Rory (11)

Being an educator, I hold extremely high standards for the level and quality of education and care that my child receives.  After being introduced to the Handwriting Without Tears program, I was thrilled with the idea of my daughter having the opportunity to be immersed in such an impressive program.  Not only this, Jennifer is an absolutely incredible educator displaying superior levels of professionalism, organization, creativity, and warmth and joy for her work!  I applaud Jennifer and highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in having their child be guaranteed an amazingly positive leap in their handwriting foundation."   
Tricia, mom to Elana (4)
"I found out that my third grader, Sam, was writing everything upside down.  He would start at the bottom when writing all of his letters and awkwardly try to finish at the top.  These handwriting mistakes were causing him to write very slowly and making him dislike writing period!  I contacted Jennifer to help me with these problems because I didn't know how to make him correct how he forms letters and sentences.  She worked with him this summer weekly and he has corrected all of his handwriting errors.  He is like a new kid!!!  He actually enjoys writing now and you should see how lovely his handwriting is.  I would highly recommend her for any younger children learning to write, or for older children who are struggling with their handwriting.  My children enjoyed working with her and the results are amazing! " 
Emily, mom to Sam (9)
During this past summer my 8 year old took handwriting classes from Jennifer and the experience was great. My son enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to the classes which was a real surprise since he was not a big fan of handwriting:) It is because of the tools provided by Mrs. Raskay that my son has a lot more confidence in his writing abilities.
Afsheen, mom to Fahad (8)
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